about us

What we believe

We believe children thrive and feel safe in a structured environment
We believe in presenting lessons in a traditional format with a theatrical twist.
We believe children learn best through play.
We believe in developing the whole child by using each lesson to support physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth.
We believe in giving children the right and responsibility to make one of two choices and that by holding them accountable for their choice we are strengthening their love of learning and sense of independence.
We believe in providing all children the gift of time to learn at their own pace.

Our methodology

Playful Minds early childhood program, developed by our early learning experts is based on a “Playway Methodology” of education. Playway method is child centric, where the method of teaching is informal and natural to suit the child’s interests. Play is critical to the healthy growth and development of children. As children play, they learn to solve problems, to get along with others and to develop the fine and gross motor skills needed to grow and learn. We have an evolving curriculum, which is a perfect blend of Playway and Montessori. Montessori gives it a structure while playway gives it the flexibility.

Some of our techniques include theme based learning, music and movement, speech and drama and sports. Our play-based, child centered program reflects the integration of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, self-help and aesthetic areas for the total development of the child. Meaningful play encourages curiosity, discovery and problem solving which allows individual growth and development of a positive self-image. Our highly experienced staff trained in early childhood education works with children individually and in groups fostering creative expression through art, music, movement and language.

"We are happy to be a part of the Playful Minds Family. We had gone to a few ‘so called’ established schools who had been operation for quite a few years. However we found them lacking in many aspects like cleanliness, space & parent teacher ratio. We found that Playful Minds ticks all those boxes for us. Our son is very happy here, both with the place & the individual teachers. All in all we made a good call. "

- Kabeer S. Krishnan