meet the team

Sonali Jain
Founder Director

Sonali Jain founded Playful Minds because she believes in the power of play to instill a love for learning in every child. Attracted by the abundantly joyful atmosphere and nurturing teaching methodology of US based Romp n’ Roll, Sonali was keen to offer similar quality programmes to busy families in Delhi; those eagerly seeking the most stimulating, inspiring and holistic learning programmes, as well as a safe, secure and convenient location for their children.
A Commerce Graduate from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce, Sonali has a Masters in Business Management from INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

Aarti Mehra
Centre Head

Aarti Mehra has had the most enriching learning experience in running her own pre-school for a period of 11 years . Her love for children motivated her to develop a unique curriculum appropriate to enhance a child's holistic development through play, amidst a happy and loving environment. Her motto has been to give the child a stimulating environment which will help manifest the best potential from within.
She studied English (hons) and B.Ed from Central Institute Of Education,University of Delhi specializing in pre-school education.

"Being a part of Playful Minds Family, I Feel confident about the decision we have taken about Shourya’s first Step out of home, I also feel secure about him as he is away from me and in safe hands with all his teachers, office teachers and every other teacher. Hope you and your Family grows and buils the same trust in all other parent as I have till now with no Regrets. Aarti Mam, Neha, Naina, Aanchal, Tanya, I think so- Your love and Patience has helped my Child setted in your School."

- Vaisali Aneja